Old-school Toyota sportscars parts reprinting project!


It is no secret anymore that customizing is a lifelong hobby, where enthusiasts truly have a high passion for making their cars the most unique. But are faced with the challenges of wearing out parts that come off the production line after the car is discontinued.

“For owners who truly love their cars with all their heart…” – says the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing (GR) slogan. That’s why Toyota has responded to the wishes of its customers who want to enjoy driving their favorite cars filled with memories longer, and back in January 2020 at the Tokyo Auto Salon, Toyota first announced the launch of GR Heritage Parts. The main goal of the project is to keep Toyota car owners smiling and able to enjoy driving their dream cars forever.

In the first phase, reproduction parts were dedicated to the Supra A70, starting with just 2 parts. This was followed by parts for the Supra A80, which expanded the parts list a bit, but collecting opinions on desired parts through questionnaires is still done to this day! Step by step they’ve brought it up to four car models today, so if you’re one of the lucky owners of a Toyota Supra A70 or A80, Toyota Corolla Levin or Sprinter Trueno (AE86), Toyota 2000GT, or Toyota 40-series Land Cruiser, stay tuned for updates on the parts reprint project. The parts list and latest updates can be confirmed on the official Toyota GR website.

About 80 parts are currently being reprinted, and we’re sure the list will continue to grow. You can check out the current parts list here. And who knows, maybe one day you’ll find some of them on our web platform!

We wish you to continue to manage your dreams and be proud of your hobby in good health.

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written by

Nurlan Nurkulov