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How to search for wheels on Croooober – An insider guide


Wheels! Wheels! Wheels! Who doesn’t love a good wheel deal on Croooober?

But let’s be frank, we don’t really have the best search engine out there since we don’t belong to the big “G” nor the big “B”. But here are some tips and tricks how do find your dream wheels on Croooober.com

1. The magic keyword

You might not know but you can actually search for wheels spec on our website,
looking for a certain size?

17 inch? search “x17”
15 inch? search “x15”
19 inch? search “x19”

You know the drill!

Looking for a certain width?
9 inch width? search “9.0j”
9.5 inch width? search “9.5j”
10 inch width? search “10j”

Looking for certain offset? No problem!


Looking for 17×9? Just merge the search query together!

and of course bolt pattern, you can search them too!

Just type

And of course, you can mix and match any of those spec
“x17 100-4h”
“9.0jx17 100-5h”

2. Filtering

You can actually filter wheels by spec range, isn’t that sick?

The easiest way to do so is of course via our homepage. But you can also access the filtering via our category page

Once you selected the category “rims” or “rim and tire sets”, you will see something something like this:

Click on that pesky red + button and Voila!

The problem with this way is, unlike searching by keywords, you are only shown items within the “rim” category or the “rim & tires sets”. In other words, you will need to open up another browser and do the same filtering again as we split rims with tires and without tires.

Note: The chances are, by the time you have read this article, we have created a new category called “all rim” so you do not have to filter them twice!

3. The money game

So if you are like me and you don’t have a few billions buck to blow, you can filter out wheels that are way outside your budget.

If you are looking for wheels around 700 USD (77,391.65 YEN) ,  it is highly suggested to set the upper limit as 80,000 YEN. I am sure you do not want to miss the chance to purchase your dream wheel just because it’s 10 USD over your budget!

4. Don’t over search

As mentioned, since we don’t belong to the powerhouse in term of search engine, it’s a good idea to do keyword search carefully.

Try to split word that usually doesn’t have any standardization.

For example, our search engine won’t give a hit if you search for “lmgt4″ if the product has a product title”lm gt4”.

So instead of searching LMGT4, search for LM GT4.
Instead of searching for “Work Meister SP01“, search for “WORK SP01” or “WORK SP 01

and always remember this – all our products are translated from Japanese. So if you know the Japanese word you are looking for, copy-pasting them on the search might yield better result!

5. Do not use the brand filter

For those who who are slightly familiar with our website, you will notice there’s a way to filter items by part manufacturer. I repeat, DO NOT use this filter. As a decent numbers of the wheels do not include this information, using this filter will filter out WORK maker despite being made by WORK Wheels.

In other words, do a brand name search instead.

6. Use our Back in Stock Alert

Can’t find what you are looking for? Why not set-up an email alert and be informed when a product that matches your keyword came in at our website.

To set up a back to stock alert:

1) Do a search at our website 2) Click on the Commodity Stock Alert Button

And if you will be promoted to create an account. Once that is done, your search keyword should be saved.

So what will happen now is, whenever there is an new items that matches your search keyword, our system will send you an email to let you know. As we have more than 500 wheels coming in everyday, the wheel you are looking for might appear in a few day time!

*Note: We will be updating this function really soon and it might look slightly different by the time you read this article. The new function will not require you to do a search and you will only need enter the keyword after click on the big red button

Do you have your very own tips and tricks on how to find the your wheels? Do let us know by leaving a comment below!

written by

Alexander Tee