2019 Tokyo Auto Salon – Croooober


Is almost that day of the year again, you know the day where all auto enthusiastic will know about. Yes, it’s the day of Tokyo Auto Salon again!

A special part of the booth at the biggest auto event – just for you

Here at Croooober, our vision is to support the very livelihood of people who are passionate about customization. And one of the ways to live up to our words is by dedicating a very special part of our booth to our beloved customers.

We are going to make a photo booth to displaying 1,000 cars of our customers!

To understanding how big this is, a photo booth at Tokyo Auto Salon, depending on the location and size can easily cost up to tens and hundreds of thousands of US dollar. Not only that, but a booth at a good location is also very sought after.

But despite that, we are going to give out this valuable space for our customers.

But why are you guys doing it?

Think about it, the Tokyo Auto Salon is one of the world’s most renowned auto show out there that welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. In this event where every automobile enthusiasts have their eyes on, what will happen if we put a photo booth showcasing hundreds of cars of our beloved customers?

It sends a powerful message to the world 

It shows the world what day-to-day life customization really is. The sweat and blood, we, the car enthusiasts pour in our rides. It also shows the world that customization is not simply about big speakers with LED, is more than that.

So next time, you tell a friend of yours who are not into cars, they will stop having images of flashing LED lights, big muffler and big speakers in their mind!


But those are not important, because nothing is more satisfying than to see you, our beloved customers show the biggest brightest smile on your face when you see your car being showcased as one of the biggest world auto events.

We want our customers to feel proud of their ride, their hobby, their lifestyle. And we will do everything within our power to support them.

Not only that!

How do you think it feels like when the masterpiece you spent your sweat and blood in, is being featured at the world largest Auto show in the world?

We bet it feels amazing. Who won’t be, it’s as if the hard work you have been working for so many long years have finally being recognized.

That’s how we want our customers to feel.

We want to you proudly tell your friend – “That’s my car! That’s my car! That’s my car right there”. Like how a child is proud of their first drawing.

This is Croooober and this is why we have a booth at Tokyo Auto Salon.

written by

Alexander Tee