Why are used Ganador Super mirrors so expensive?


Ganador is a brand that is no longer strange to those who love Japanese goods.  This brand is famous for its advance technology, highest quality and safe products.  And of course, best quality comes at a premium price.  But what makes price for used items at nearly three times the list price?

Let’s find out!

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1. Discontinued product:

Super mirrors hit the market in 1997 and was no longer in production in the 2010s.  For a long time, these mirrors have always been popular for their style and quality, as a result, we had seen a dramatic increase in demand in the market when this mirror no longer available.

So why did good products get discontinued?

The reasons why such a great product like Super mirrors were off the market are following:

1. It was the time when the company wanted to concentrate on the development of the mufflers instead of investing in the super mirrors.

2. Another significant reason is that many new models have a mirror pedestal on the door side instead of the pillar side.

3. It was really difficult to design the product

Ganador super mirrors become super rare and the price will be more high-cost in the future.  Luckily, Upgarage still has 10 sets in stock now for S13/ 180SX, RX7/ FD3S, RX8/ SE3P, Legacy, Honda Accord, Honda Integra Type R, etc.

(image from Ganador homepage)

2. Premium quality:

* Type of Glass Used

The mirror comes in two types: Clear which is for standard mirrors and blue mirrors.  Adopts a blue-tinted glass mirror with uniform super convex curved lenses for the widest field of view, up and down, left and right, so you can achieve a wide field of vision.  It has a beautiful blue colour and reduces glare for a safe drive.  It makes your cars more stylish and unique.

* Frame Costs

The Mirror Assembly is made of high-quality ABS plastic and the mounting part is an aluminium die casting metal that creates lightweight, outstanding corrosion resistance and very good strength and hardness.  Especially, the aero form is designed for air resistance at high speeds.

* Performance

The Ganador super mirror is the electric type that can adjust the rearview from inside the car.  Installation is easy by bolt-on that refers to joining turning parts with bolts and nuts.  Wiring is a one-touch installation by using a genuine coupler so you don’t get into trouble with wiring work.  The mirror body can also be folded manually.

Because of their quality, outstanding features and sophisticated design, they are used in many prestigious races like D1 Grand Prix, Super GT, Super Taikyu, Gymkhana race.  Also, this product is trusted by many reputable manufacturers aero and tuning makers, etc.

There is one thing you need to pay attention to is they are designed for RHD (Right- hand drive) vehicles and sold in Japan, which may not be suitable for LHD (left-hand drive) depending on the model.  In order to avoid purchasing fake items, please carefully check a sticker on the bracket attachment with the Ganador logo and a serial number.

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