DANMOTO スリップオンサイレンサー
Manufacturer name Maker unspecified parts
Product Rank 評価:2 ?
Warranty Period 1週間保証
Shipping size S (1個口)
Shipping Shipping instructions(TBD)
Stock status Out of Stock
Payment Method PayPal

車検適合不明 ホーネット600 03~06 傷、汚れ、凹み有り バンド曲がり有り ☆通信販売可能 Eコレクト使えます☆ ☆安心の1週間保証☆ 高価買取中!!!お気軽にお問い合わせください


Store management number RF008395
Accessories なし
For Inspection 車検適合不明
About Delivery

The provided delivery is a door to door service.
The goods are shipped from one of the several second-hand auto parts stores where it is physically located. Different items might be located in different stores.

Shipping Method

Maritime container is available only for shipments to Russia.

Freight Charge

Freight charge includes shipping cost and handling fee.
Shipping cost: FedEx's shipping cost depends on both dimension and weight.
EMS's shipping cost depends on weight.
Handling fee: 15% of item price plus shipping cost.
Tax: Freight charge does not include tax. Regarding the VAT or other taxes, please contact your local customs to get the details.

Delivery Time

7 - 15 business days by FedEx and EMS

Shipment Combination

Please be advised that the good are located in several second-hands auto parts stores all across Japan.
If the goods are in the same place, we can combine the shipment.
If combining the shipment puts any of the item in a position prone to damage, they will not be combined (i.e.: seat & muffler.) Two or more sets of wheels cannot be combined either.

About This Item

All the goods on the Croooober are sold on the store as well.

About Payment Method

We use Paypal to accept the payment.
If you have no paypal account, you still can use credit card (Visa, MasterCard, America Express) to do the payment through Paypal.

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