10 most expensive JDM rims on Croooober (2020)


Well, being honest we currently have over 75,000 sets in stock for sale. The cheapest set of 4 rims costs $29 only and that is unbelievable because someone could spend this amount at the closest McDonalds and nothing remains. As for the opposite price range, the sky is the limit. Each set budget depends on the brand name, specs, color, condition, and computable model as well. And some “used” sets in our stock might cost more expensive than even brand new of another maker.

Are you ready? Let`s go!

VOSSEN Forged VPS-307T Original Wheels – $8,500

The VOSSEN Forged VPS-307T rims are made in American Miami. And yes, you have not misread it, we are at Croooober have some non-Japanese made cool parts in stock as well. And this set of 4 is one of the examples! Thinking of what cars, the wheels for while they are 22 inches, we believe the cars like Chevrolet, GMC Corvette, Chevrolet, GMC Camaro, Camaro SS, Porsche Cayenne, Jeep SRT8, Audi A7/S7 /RS7/A3/S3/RS3/A5/S5/RS5, Ferrari 458,  BMW 3 Series/M3/4 Series/M4, Lexus RC/RCF, Infiniti G37, Ferrari 488 (GTB, Spider, Pista), Mercedes Benz S Class/C Class/S63/Coupe.

NISMO LM GT4 Bronze Anodized Aluminum Wheels – $7,100

Pretty famous, legendary, and the very desired Nismo LM GT4 bronze anodized aluminum wheels set. Limited edition of amazing LM GT4 by Nismo is a rare and superb model made in 2006 with a pretty popular spec. The LM GT4 is a forged 1-piece wheel created to be light-weighted and offer high strength and rigidity. Exclusive Bronze color and featured machined Nismo logo, comes with air valves and option center caps.

BBS RI-D Duralumin Forged Wheels – $6,680

Super duralumin forged 1-piece BBS wheels. Ultra-light 5 cross-spoke model with original design indicating the sportive lightness. We have 5 more BBS RI-D Duralumin sets in stock for a cheaper budget with a price range of $4,450-$6,150. The price level depends on the specs and conditions.

Would like to make a slight addition, we have more than 600 sets in stock of other popular and well-qualified BBS models as well.  Below is BBS RI-S.


TWS Exspur EX-fL Design LX Forged Wheels – $6,100

We have 2 sets at the same budget in 2 colors (Gloss black and Sanding mirror polish). They both are used set with a 3-star rating and were removed from brand-new cars which is an ordinary practice in Japan. These lightweight forged wheels with a larger diameter are designed exclusively for LEXUS LX. They are aluminum forged 1-piece construction wheels compatible with Lexus genuine center caps.

HAMANN ANNIVERSARY EVO Spoke Wheels – $6,050

Maker says they are exclusive HAMANN design wheels for BMW and Range Rover heavyweights. They are specially designed to match the technical requirements of hefty models. Hamann Motorsports is the world`s largest Tuning Brand with its head office in Germany created by an ex-racing professional driver – Hamman Richard. He was debuted as a racing driver at Fiat 127 more than 20 years ago. Based on the experience gained in his own race, the engine was tuned faster and more powerfully not only as a circuit but as a streetcar. Its performance became a hot topic with a record of 348hp and a maximum speed of 273km/h. After that, each manufacturer’s car developed a dedicated tuning line and announced a bold. Exterior design and high-performance parts that were finished to drive. As the most popular and most famous tuner, they have started to deliver it all over the world. There is a representative in Japanese Osaka supplying Hamann Motorsport parts to the users who demand specialty and uniqueness.

Subaru STi S208 Genuine Optional BBS Forged Wheel – $5,250

About a year ago we posted the Subaru S206 NBR Challenge Package Optional Wheel and while they are gone, we believe Subaru amateurs are not sleeping in order to grab a set. That was a black one, but the current set is in silver color. It was produced for the limited to 300 Subaru STi`s and we believe there are not many of them on the market now.

WORK Gran Seeker CCX Wheel – $4,750

More magnificent, more dynamic is a Seeker`s flagship. These modern styled wheels are designed taking into account the good old days nostalgia. 3-piece step rims coming as Bronze Anodized Aluminum. They were produced and the first time appeared on the public at Osaka Auto Messe 2017. Majestic, magnificent, sublime is the meaning of “Gran” from the Italian language, while “Seeker” stays for “pursuer, searcher” from English. In other words, the Gran Seeker brand name has the meaning of being a great explorer, but the Seeker brand that has been developed for a long time means that it seeks vehicle attitude and suspension. In addition, “X” at the end of the product name means infinity and unknowns, which also predicts the future of the Seeker brand, whose evolution is still unstoppable.

Mercedes-Benz AMG E63 S 4MATIC+ Cross Spoke Forged Genuine Wheel – $4,650


Coming back to the topic of imported cars, here we go with one more cool set for a vehicle made out of Japan. These are 20-inch sick wheels with a matte black look and a high-gloss polished rim flange. Mercedes is not able to create simple things! Well, when it comes to a High brand wheel, we believe Mercedes is one of the manufacturers that comes to mind first. Especially if we are talking about Mercedes-AMG E 63 S 4MATIC+ with a $150K budget.

Do you think such a luxury monster car deserves good shoes for 5K?

WORK ZISTANCE W5S Phoenix Edition Wheel – $4,650

5-spoke designed desirable 3-piece JDM rims produced in a limited edition up to 100 sets only. The philosophy of WORK ZISTANCE embodies supreme minimalism, that is why it looks simple, but same time robust. And ZISTANCE logo in a very special font style looks really unique and luxurious.

Do you think it worth it to get such a costly set and rebarrel them afterward?

Carlsson 2/10 ULTRA LIGHT Wheel – $4,650

This brand is well-known as a tuner brand for Mercedes-Benz, but recently these guys are opening for Lexus as well. The model is really hard to source since they produced as a Carlsson Japan 10th Anniversary Model 2/10 Ultra-Light by a completely new design. Our stock contains one of the 30 sets that were produced and are now not available in Carlsson`s catalog anymore. Just to compare the brand new 2/11 set costs up to $8,100. We are sharing a pic of how they look on Lexus GS.

Why not consider having a set of premium leveled set for your beloved vehicle at half-price?


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