New NISMO steering wheel dedicated to Skyline GT-R owners


The first legendary Skyline R32 was produced just over 30 years ago, which is a little over a quarter of a century.
And we are pretty sure almost all of the Skyline models are still running in various parts of the planet today.
So Nissan, showing concern for its customers, is trying to support the owners of the GT-R all over the world by producing new replacement parts.

The world-famous Nismo, is the in-house tuning, motorsports, and performance subsidiary of Nissan, has delighted the public with another new steering wheel designed specifically for BNR32, BCNR33, and BNR34 owners.
As always it is a stylish and functional product, made of leather, and coming with a horn button, center pad, and leather cover for storage.
Needless to say, the product design is the work of the best specialists, who set themselves the task of anticipating and implementing the most secretive wishes of the users.
Inventing the part, they took into attention that the meter remains visible, allowing the steering wheel to blend very smoothly with the Skyline’s interior.
The properties of the leather allow the product not to deteriorate even when exposed to water. The leather takes on its former appearance after drying.

Could be used with or without center pad

Size: 350 mm (outer diameter)
Material: Body grip and center pad skin-Genuine leather (part of the grip is punched leather)
Body and stitch color: Black
Spokes: Brushed finish
Accessories: steering wheel with Nismo logo, center pad, horn button, leather cover
Base steering wheel:
Adopted by ATC, which has a proven track record in “Gr-C type steering”.
The cross-section of the grip is a slightly thicker oval shape, and the back of the grip is concave and convex.
Dedicated Works Bell boss is required for installation.

The part may be ordered through Nismo`s official Dealership in Japan at a price of 85,800 JPY and the delivery is already being performed since November 19, 2021.
Make sure you have a vehicle inspection certificate ready if you plan to order and get installed in the dealership, but just an identification document or Japanese drive license will be enough if you just would like to pick it up and install it on your own.
The North American residents will probably be able to purchase it through the local dealership in Tennessee for much cheaper than it is being sold on eBay for twice the price than the original one.

Let’s enjoy what kind of parts they will release in the future.

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written by

Nurlan Nurkulov